Quality Service with
Realistic Fixed Fees

Fixed Fee for Police Station Attendances:
90 plus milage and VAT.

This fixed fee includes all follow-up attendances in connection with the same matter.

Police Station Representation

Sound advice in the Police Station is crucial if a client is to enjoy a successful outcome to their case, whether they are in custody or asked to attend the station voluntarily.

We are keen to impress on clients that they should not allow themselves to be interviewed by police in relation to allegations of wrongdoing, irrespective of whether they are under arrest, without first speaking to a Solicitor.

The consequences of the Police interview remain with a suspect throughout the charging/bail process, follows them through the Court proceedings and into the Jury room. They remain relevant until the time of sentence.

Our Accredited Representatives understand that their role in the Police Station is vital. They are highly trained, experienced and well motivated. They have dealt with all categories of offences from simple theft to murder and are able to provide numerous testimonials of their ability.

Whether you require regular support in representing your clients in the Police Station or occasional support during periods of holiday or sickness, we would be pleased to discuss your needs.

Western Legal Services are able to cover all Police Stations in the Avon and Somerset, Gloucestershire, Gwent and Wiltshire areas, and beyond by arrangement.